Swaranjali Studio

Vocal Training

Our Vocal training module is designed to train the aspiring vocalist to become playback singers. You get to know different elements of voice, pitching, modulation, studio and microphone singing techniques and other electronic software tools and techniques that help your voice stand out. You can also get your break in our productions and other projects.

Course Description -
  1. Knowledge of Various Types of Music Genres
  2. Art of Listening & Interpreting
  3. Basic of Singing Technique
  4. Voice culture
  5. Scales | Rhythm Practice
  6. How to Adjust Voice Texture according to Song Theme & Composition
  7. Voice Modulation | Pitching
  8. Basic of Microphone
  9. Technique of Singing on Microphone (in Studio)
  10. Mentoring session by current professional singers
  11. Basics of Audio Recording | Editing
  12. Voice EQ | Compression
  13. Reverberation | Delay
  14. Voice Strengthening Exercise
Facilities -
  1. Involvement In Live Projects
  2. Services of Instrumentalist & Vocalist (As per Course Requirement )
  3. Assistance in producing self projects
  4. Software | Hardware Setup
  5. Networking with Industrial Experts
  6. Mentoring from Industrial Experts
Duration -
  1. Long Term- 10 Months
  2. Short Term- 6 Months
Class Frequency -
3 to 4 Sessions per week with study time of 1.5 Hours per sessions