Swaranjali Studio

Staff Notation

Just learning how to play an instrument is not enough. The music industry worldwide expects musicians and music composers to know how to write music pieces i.e. Staff Notation. Knowing how to script notations helps a music composer to convey the musicians the tone, scale and tempo to be played.

Course Description -
  1. How to Reading & Writing Note Symbols
  2. Presentation on Staff Sheet
  3. Time Signature | Measures
  4. Knowledge of different Clefs
  5. Chord culture & Progressions
  6. Scales
  7. Playing Various Famous Compositions
  8. Notation Scripting Software
Facilities -
  1. Staff Sheets
  2. Mentoring from Industrial Experts
  3. Involvement In Live Projects
  4. Services of Instrumentalist & Vocalist (As per Course Requirement )
  5. Assistance in producing self projects
  6. Software | Hardware Setup
  7. Networking with Industrial Experts
Duration -
10 Months: System Knowledge + Practical + Projects
Class Frequency -
3 to 4 Sessions per week with study time of 1.5 Hours per sessions