Swaranjali Studio

RJ & Voice Over Training

A voice over artist is always in demand for dubbing for commercial films, documentaries, animated films, radio jingles, short ad films and recorded dramas. There is also great scope of working as a Radio Jockey (RJ), Event anchor / host and even becoming a good public speaker. At this training program, you will be given hands on training by few of the leading VO artists from Theatre, Radio, TV and Film.

Course Description -
  1. Introduction of Dubbing | Voice Over |Voice Narration
  2. Pronunciation | Diction | voice modulation
  3. Scale | Pitch of Voice
  4. Stamina Command Rhythm & Fluency
  5. Presentation & Speech Development
  6. Improvisation of dialect language
  7. Character Voice
  8. Trimming of Voice
  9. Voice Improvement Exercises
  10. Basics Recording Voice
  11. Microphone Basics
  12. Basic of Digital Voice Editing
  13. Basic of Console
  14. Packing Production
Facilities -
  1. Involvement In Live Projects
  2. Assistance in producing self projects
  3. Software | Hardware Setup
  4. Networking with Industrial Experts